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Life Without Parole: Shortsighted at Best

by Christine Marallen

Life Without Parole: Shortsighted at Best “Justice” comes in many forms. The philosophies of sanctioning run a mile wide and have a history too long for this space. The synopsis: before we can sanction, we have to know our intended purpose in sanctioning. Deter, retribute, rehabilitate, restore? And since it is impossible to remove our […]

What the Pell? Educate the Incarcerated.

by Christine Marallen

What the Pell?  Let’s Educate the Incarcerated Try as we might, we cannot ignore the correlation between education and success. Define success however you like:  the ability to obtain/retain employment; the ability to communicate effectively about something greater than self-interest; the ability to complete something; the willingness to learn something outside of the sphere of […]

When the Laborers are Plenty, Too.

by Christine Marallen

When the Laborers are Plenty, Too. There is little more inspiring than ‘standing-room only.’ This week, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati invited anyone interested in learning about prison/jail ministry, reentry and mentoring opportunities to join us for an information session.  Those of us who get a little giddy about working in this particular mission field are […]

Newsflash: We are Sinners

by Christine Marallen

Newsflash:  We are Sinners Recently, we received an anonymous message on our website that called to question my qualifications to represent the diocese in this ministry because, well, I’m a sinner. Drat.  The jig is up. That’s right, my fellow man, I have sinned.  Many times in my life.  Lots and lots and lots of […]

Prodigal Son and All that Jazz

by Christine Marallen

Prodigal Son and All That Jazz There is a flurry of big bunches of lots and lots of things swirling around our returning citizens in Ohio right about now. “Returning citizens” is the term many have adopted when they speak of those men and women who, after a time spent incarcerated, join their former community […]

Welcome to Catholic Cincinnati Prison Mission

by Christine Marallen

Welcome to Catholic Cincinnati Prison Mission Not everyone shows up to talk about prison.  Welcome to the conversation. We–and thousands of people around the country–have decided that going inside the walls typically meant to segregate portions of society is among the best ways to spend our week.  While the idea (not to mention the actuality!) […]